Our Story

the exterior of TRIBE Perth with the TRIBE logo in front of it

The history

It all started in Perth: born in 2017 as the brainchild of design-lovers Mark and Melissa Peters, TRIBE hotels are defined by the lifestyles of modern travellers as an affordable luxury where you can check in, kick back and experience the destination authentically. Whether you’re there to rest, work or play, you’ll find an ideal base in the rooms and social spaces at TRIBE. Expect contemporary interiors, useful design details, comfortable spaces and unpretentious luxuries at an affordable price. This is the democrotisation of good design, and the result is a line of hotels that feel like a home from home. As of today, we have 10 hotels open around the world, and 43 more in the pipeline.

The Founding Idea

The modern traveller knows that comfort and affordability can co-exist. And that’s exactly what TRIBE hotels offer — design-led spaces that are smart, functional, stylish and comfortable, at a reasonable price. In other words, we give our guests everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

Melissa Peters is standing next to Marc, he is wearing a dark blue suit and she is waring a white suit

The Founders

Mark and Melissa Peters are veterans of the Australian hotel industry, and now they’re taking their expertise worldwide. The doors to their first TRIBE hotel opened in Perth in 2017 before the duo brought their distinctive vision to France. Today, they’re working on locations in the rest of Europe, Asia and beyond.

Matthias Giroud x TRIBE

Matthias’ extensive travel and passion for working with his teams across the globe has provided a deep knowledge and appreciation of the world’s flavours and trends. He infuses this into his signature cocktails, both with and without alcohol. Alcohol-free cocktails in particular is a very important and stimulating universe, enabling him to create experiences that are multicultural and multigenerational.